Public speaking

Learn to speak like a leader, get a better job; skyrocket your sales and impress your target audience with ease.

This course is for those who want to speak better English in front of a larger audience. An effective public speaking course can help you excel in your Group discussions or board interviews. It can help you convince customers easily at a business meeting or sales pitch presentation. A good public speaker is a powerful personality with better leadership skills and this helps him get promotions faster at work or advance to more lucrative careers.

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Key Facts

  • Improves confidence
  • Better research skills
  • Stronger deductive skills
  • Ability to advocate for causes

How to Become Better at Public Speaking

The truth is that public speaking is a skill. It can be learned. While some people may have more natural speaking ability than others, or a more pleasing voice, or are more charismatic—anyone who can speak can learn to be a better public speaker than they are right now. It just takes some know-how and some effort.

To help you become better at public speaking, we'll take a look at these Eight areas:

Speaking skills

  • Day to day conversation
  • Situation Speaking
  • Question speaking
  • Group discussion
  • Debate
  • Roleplay
  • Picture speaking
  • Quick Speaking
  • Podium Session

Writing skills

  • Conversation writing
  • Situation writing
  • Story writing
  • Question writing
  • Topic writing

Vocabulary skills

  • Day to day use vocabulary
  • Idioms
  • Proverbs
  • Phrases
  • Three forms of verbs

Grammar Skills

  • Essential grammar
  • Sentence making

Reading skills

  • Newspaper reading
  • Book reading

Listening skills

  • Audio
  • Video

Personality development

  • Confidence building
  • Body language
  • Self motivation

Interview Skills

  • Do’s and don’ts of interview
  • Expected questions answers
  • Formal dressing

Public Speaking Course Content

  • Why do we fear to speak in Public
  • How to overcome this fear
  • How to address large audience
  • How to start a talk
  • How to close a talk
  • What gives you confidence
  • How to use visual aids
  • Commandments of PPT's
  • Changes you must make in your behaviour
  • How to speak on any given topic
  • Motivating audience is easy
  • How to give a keynote speech
  • How to handle a mike
  • Making impromptu talks
  • Managing a long talk
  • Handling conflicts
  • How to give vote of thanks
  • How to be a smooth speaker
  • Think fast, talk smart
  • Is English a barrier in your Public Speaking?
  • How to be more convincing & assertive
  • How to make a heart winning talk
  • Making your speeches popular on social media
  • Making your speeches popular on social media
  • How to be an enchanting Anchor and be a master of ceremonies
  • How to become an intriguing storyteller
  • Body Language - Hand-Legs-Head- movements, Gait. Standing-Sitting Posture.
  • Voice Modulation - Pitch, Pauses, Punches, Pace, Stress, Tone, Speed, Volume
  • Facial Expressions - Gestures, Smile, Confidence
  • Eye Contact - Eye Movement, Gazing, Eye to Eye Talk
  • Stage Handling, Space Utilization
  • Speeches without using paper
  • Remember people's names
  • How to build vocabulary
  • How to enhance your humour
  • Anger management
  • Appearance- Dressing Sense
  • Mannerisms, behaviour, etiquettes, values, culture, character
  • Your Image - Name - Fame - Identity
  • Fluency-Grammar - Tenses - Pronunciation by just one technique
  • Speak English without a speaking partner
  • Improving sentence structuring
  • Increase vocabulary bank
  • Improving mother tongue influence (MTI)
  • Help curing stammering

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